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Nier Automata: [B]eauty's cost
2B had more than she bargained for in fighting against the Goliath-class Machine-Lifeform.
She couldn't help but wish 9S was around. After a small fight with him, she and he had gone separate ways.
As it stood, 2B was doing her best to jump the attacks. Her Pod had already been knocked offline by a hacking attack from the garish goliath.
"BaHAbAhaHAha!" Laughed the android adorned antagonist as 2B tried to jump and avoid the strike.
"Don't you EVER shut up?" 2B asked in frustration as she tried to dodge, but it was all too much.
By then, a final hacking attack had rendered 2B defenseless, and now available for the Machine-Lifeform to control.
Slowly, 2B's consciousness went offline...
In the same room the machine, known to herself as Beauvoir was looking at 2B. She had made a habit of adorning her dresses and several crosses.
The android was a challenge, but also the first in a long time that she had seen, and robots so rarely came into her range.
"A sERvAnT! I WiLL mAKE a SerVaNt!" So
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 8 2
Pandora Paradox: Sunken Library Shenanigans
Theo's exploration of the Algrann Bay was an interesting one.
While a fair portion of the Lupercalcian area was dangerous, between the emerald tide's reach and the spread of the mist, the Algrann Bay used to be one of the more safe places for people, whether normal or Esper, to spend time and travel.
However, in the past few months the Emerald Tide had spread even to the sandy shores of Algrann, and just as Theo had gotten information in regards to a potential treasure.
As an adventure archaeologist, he had seen and overcome many dangers and done daring deeds, but the public at large was unaware of his heroic efforts.
Even so, he was a researcher and adventurer, and it was his duty to find the lost library of Algrann for presti-er, for academic purposes. Glory and recognition, coupled with a small modicum of praise would merely be a small, totally secondary bonus to his archaeological endeavors.
As he went ahead, seeking an underground path that his studies told him existed, he felt pe
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 6 1
Mature content
Srgnt Drew Comm: A change for Amber :iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 7 2
Breaker: Beyond the Realm
Breaker sat in the shardrealm, still coming to understand the strange dimension. She had brief encounters with other universes and time travelers, but she was still awed any time it happened.
Much like when she entered the Reflective Sanctum, she felt as if, beyond each gap, there was a whole other world...a whole other universe she had yet to reach.
Yet, here she was in a space between them, still feeling energy pour in and pool. As she calmed herself and tried to sense what it was, she realized it was chi. Seeping in and out in concert, each vaguely different, yet the same flow.
She tried to sense it, when she felt something else, trapped in between the chi itself, as if sealed.
Still, Breaker's curiosity was too great. Wanting to know what it was, she reached out. Whatever it was reminded her of a puff of air, or someone's breath on a cold day
She was banished to the shadow realm
She reached out and touched it, finally feeling what it was and then, taken aback, she realized it was..
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 4 2
Ko-Fi Choice: Wilds, Twilight, and Samus
There was some worry for Zelda and Samus as the two of them were dealing with a change the princess of Hyrule had gone through.
Researching Hylian magics and the cycle of rebirth had made her wonder about her ancestors and possible descendants, the princesses named Zelda from every era. It had also led the princess to dabble with accessing the power of her bloodline.
Unfortunately, she had misspoke one line of the incantation she used to see through the eras, instead transforming her body rather than allowing her to meet an earlier or later incarnation of herself.
From there the princess of twilight had become the princess of the wild and discovered she was now in the form of her descendant.
Looking in the mirror and dressed in blue, the princess' brunette hair had become blonde and her dress had become a form fitting outfit, made for use in the field rather than regal appearances.
Zelda also noticed her eyebrows seemed more prominent and she had longer, less bound hair. While her deco
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 6 2
Commissions: Now Available! by Benji-Blacksky Commissions: Now Available! :iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 4 9 Livestream: OFFLINE by Benji-Blacksky Livestream: OFFLINE :iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 4 0
Drew CM: Clarity of Crystal
Lacey sat down with anoyance at a bar called The Nest. While her becoming a Sky knight was a dreamcome true, there was one vey realdream that had yet to become a reality.
“It makes no sense. Why can't Thomas tell I'm flirting with him?” she lamented as she held her drink in a talon-like hand.
“Probably because the boy's as thick as a bundle of lumber,” said another harpy girl. This one was Jeri, who was one of three triplets who had been changed, much like Lacey was. “It's bad enough you turn my brothers and me into feathery floozies, but now you have to whine at our favorite watering hole?”
“Don't be a jerk, Jeri.”Another young woman took a sip from a non-alcoholic drink. She was none other than Sarah Clydesdale, a recent addition to the kingdom and part of the Cavalry faction.
“Remind me, sister, how did this race-track reject end up in our team?” Terri, Jeri's sister, asked.
“My team! I'm captain of this group!”
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 9 2
The Adventurer's Brother
It began one warm summer's day in a small town not too far from the mountains.
A young man walked into the cafe known as the Grimoire.
The woman who owned the place, one named Lyren, sat humbly behind the counter as she poured hot water into a teacup. The dimly lit cafe was like something out of a fantasy, as the gray floor and the ceramic walls made the round building seem strange.
“Excuse me?” the young man asked. “Are you...Lauren?”
“Actually, my name is Lyren.” The strawberry-blonde woman turned to face the young man. The willowy beauty dressed in pink adjusted her glasses before looking at the stranger. “Can I help you?”
“Maybe. I'm sorry, but I have to ask if you know a man named Davis.”
“Hm?” Lyren stopped. “My father's name was Davis, but I don't know any others.”
“That's the thing.” The young man looked down and he seemed nervous.
“What? Do you know something about him?”
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 11 7
Srgnt Drew Comm: Blaine and Tim's date
“Blaine, are you sure you want me in this form for our date tonight?”
“Positive, Tim! With Tammy out gathering herbs and Chessa visiting Sarah during her training, it’s just you and me all alone for once!” The kitsune smiled as she cuddled against the Mythical Monster Keeper, glad to have some time with her beloved.
“I’d feel more comfortable if I was my usual form, though.” Tim blushed, still a female and in the bunny suit that Chessa had designed. “This feels so different.”
“But you look good, just like you always have.” Blaine nuzzled up to Tim, possibly unaware of the fact that her foxy ears were up against Tim’s chest. “Besides, I kind of want to see how much fun we can have together.”
“Alright, but to be honest I rather spend the day inside with you.” Even as a girl Tim’s hair was short, but she was still tall and had a moderately shapely frame. “Maybe I should at lea
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 3 2
Dragon Ball Z Comm: Gohan and Videl's Swap
Videl's desire to train had increased after the world was saved by Majin Buu. Even though she had learned how to fly, she was also startled by how powerful everyone was. It might be a long way off, but Videl wanted to train and become stronger. Thankfully, she had a pretty good partner.
"Gohan, why are we flying all the way out to West City?" Videl asked.
"Well, Bulma was working on a new invention I asked about to help with training. Consider it like training wheels to what we'll be doing later."
"'Training wheels'?" Videl asked. "I thought you were going to make sure I handle as much as I can."
"I promise, but you don't get as strong as the rest of us overnight...Well, there are some ways, but even then it's best to do this for now." Gohan pointed to Capsule Corp. "We're here!"
"Did Bulma make you something?"
"Yes. Back a long time ago when Krillin and I were in space."
"You...Went to space?" Videl asked.
"It's a long story. Either way, we did this thing called image training. It's l
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 8 2
Magical Drew Comm: Transfigurer's Terror II
The Transfigurer's crime spree had gone on for days, and Drew's best efforts to confront him as Combat Commando were met with frustration and him escaping.
“This guy is really making an ass out of you,” Fae said, when she noticed the annoyed glare that Drew was giving her. “Oh, sorry...”
“It's no problem, right now. The goal should be to beat Transfigurer so I can get to bigger business.”
“Like that cute boy and that impressionable sister of his?”
Drew blushed, not saying anything to Fae. “What's it matter? Let's just destroy the bad guy so I can get another cool bullet!”
Fae began to snicker. “Yeah, sure....Wait, I can sense his energy.
“The boy's?”
“No, the Transfigurer's!”
“Where is that jerk?” Drew asked, drawing out her shotgun. “I'll show him not to mess with Combat Commando.”
“He's at the Clock tower near the old zoo...I fear that's also where he's keeping his
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 5 0
Magical Drew Comm: Transfigurer's Terror
Drew sat back and watched the news, impressed by the information that Sylvester drones were able to get out, especially with all that Drew had been up to.
Sitting back in her apartment while eating burgers, Drew saw on the news that a lot of people locally had taken interest in the mysterious heroine known as the Combat Commando.
Looking towards the fairy known as Fae, Drew grinned. “See? I told you that Sylvester's stuff would help.”
The pink pixie rolled her eyes as she often did while munching on a french fry that Drew had given her, enjoying the human cuisine. “Yes, yes, he was useful. Now if only you two wouldn't shout so loudly at each other while playing video games.”
“It was a really tough lev-” Drew began, when she saw that the newscaster was talking about her in specific. “Oh! Shh!”
“-In other news, local heroine has once again thwarted crime. This extends beyond the strange monsters that have recently been plaguing us, bu
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 4 0
Comm: Grace's Goodness
Grace’s wait at the cathedral for Gerome was a boring one indeed. The young woman, now turned demon, had spent several hours cleaning the place and preparing it. While the best she could do for the broken windows was cover them with boards, the rest of the place was well maintained, causing the young woman to brim with pride.
“Y’know, I did a hell of a good job…Er, maybe I should change my wording.” Grace sighed. She was glad she was still herself, but she wasn’t happy with her new look. She could only home that Gerome had brought back some elder priests to try to undo her curse.
As she began to make sure the icons of their order were in place, all cleaned and placed for prayer, she heard footsteps.
“My, such fine work was put into this place,” an elderly man said as he walked in. It took a moment before Grace recognized him.
“Priest Dalham!” The crusader waved, unaware that the man was taken aback!”
“By all that i
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 9 0
Patreon Reward: Yuna and Rikku (Chocobo TF)
Yuna and Rikku were more than happy to take a little time off from their journey. While Tidus and the others were certainly working hard to stop Sin, there was no denying that the duo needed some time to live free and enjoy themselves.
While near a particularly calm beach, Yuna was smiling as she felt the sun on her face and a bit of warmth overcome her.
It wasn’t too long until Rikku was back, holding something behind her back. “Hey, Yuna!”
“Hm?” Yuna looked up. “What’s going on?”
“I found something really neat on the beach. You know the Gyashal Farm we saw not too far from here?”
“Yes, what about it?” Yuna asked, genuinely curious.
“Well, they sell a lot of chocobo food, and they are offering a promotional thing called a Dressphere. Check it out.” Rikku then held up what looked like a bright yellow chocobo feather in a bubble.
“A chocobo dressphere?” Yuna asked, wondering how that worked.
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 6 0
TF Short: Chun Li (Bowser) II
Chun Li's explanation to Ryu left the woman with more than a little embarrassment. Having become a koopa (and even learning what one was) still startled her, but she couldn't let that hinder her from stopping Shadoloo.
"Well, Ryu, are we going or not?"
"Count me in," the world warrior said. "You know I won't pass up a chance to see how far you all have come."
"If this lumbering body is even any good in a fight," Chun Li muttered.
"You'd be surprised. The person who looks like you, Bowser, is incredibly strong. What that body lacks in grace, it more than compensates for in raw power."
Chun Li nodded, when she saw another figure come near. "Now where did I leave those spare arm..." The figure was a giant, of similar figure to Chun Li, save with red hair and more masculine features. "...bands? H-hello..."
"Erm...hi?" Chun Li replied, startled.
"Ah, Bowser. Nice to see you. This is Chun Li, my friend from home."
"You have Koopas too?"
"Well, no, her becoming like this is a funny story."
:iconbenji-blacksky:Benji-Blacksky 6 2


Caperucita Amanda by LinkerLuis Caperucita Amanda :iconlinkerluis:LinkerLuis 19 3 ~ A Knight's End ~ Bear Mount by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Bear Mount :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 16 4 Adult Atlas by mordeshadow Adult Atlas :iconmordeshadow:mordeshadow 55 4 Fanart: Saber of crimson roses by BeigePaladin
Mature content
Fanart: Saber of crimson roses :iconbeigepaladin:BeigePaladin 6 4
~ A Knight's End ~ Bear Teeth and Wolf Claws by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Bear Teeth and Wolf Claws :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 12 8 ~ Another Princess Story ~ Sword in Stone by Dragon-FangX ~ Another Princess Story ~ Sword in Stone :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 28 6 Midna the Imp-Dragon by Jakered3 Midna the Imp-Dragon :iconjakered3:Jakered3 9 9 Beth by yayame Beth :iconyayame:yayame 14 6 [DYGC] Dark Souls 3: Abyss Watchers by Tostantan [DYGC] Dark Souls 3: Abyss Watchers :icontostantan:Tostantan 88 7 Commission: Burning Paladin by Xelgot Commission: Burning Paladin :iconxelgot:Xelgot 35 7 The Troll Sisters? by Dragon-FangX The Troll Sisters? :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 59 6 Another Princess Story - Older Steps by Dragon-FangX Another Princess Story - Older Steps :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 43 16 Another Princess Story - Panel Break by Dragon-FangX Another Princess Story - Panel Break :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 44 42 ~ A Knight's End ~ Ikla the Archer by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Ikla the Archer :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 30 9 ~ A Knight's End ~ Humble Apology by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Humble Apology :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 16 2 Commission-crazEcaptain101 by eguana Commission-crazEcaptain101 :iconeguana:eguana 126 1


Writing Commissions $30
Stories that I write, either original or fan fictions. The base price is $30 for roughtly five pages (single space, 12 pt font) of writing, via paypal. The price varies based on if NSFW material is involved or if I am unfamiliar/uncomfortable with the involved content.

Please note if you wish to negotiate.
Out of all the commissions and day job pay, I'm sad to say I have less money than when I began.

Now at about $200 altogether, where I have been trying to raise $3000

With the move coming in late July or early August, I don't have much time left.

My regulars and friends have been helpful, but at this point I doubt I'll make the goal. Even so, I'll still be doing my best.

Regardless, expect this to be the only thing I talk about for awhile. Nothing else has precedence.
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