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Round 1
Elise gets a pass for this round

Polls will begin tomorrow, though the entrance period doesn't end til tomorrow. See below for images of the entrants as well as tournament details!

Enter your character via note and simply provide information, an image, history and abilities. If they pass my screening they get in. If a character is plain overpowered  or lacking in personality or depth, they likely won't make it. Fan characters are also disqualified. So if they're best buddies with Naruto Uzumaki or Twilight Sparkle, no can do.

Winners of each match are decided via voting polls. As it progresses, each vote must have a substantive comment in order to stop ballot stuffing (i.e. making bots/friends vote without providing a reason).

There will likely art, but if there will be I'd need a $5 entrance fee from each confirmed contestant. In exchange the top 3 (3rd place decided by "Fan Favorite rematch" vote) would each get a picture.

Possible Artists: :icondragon-fangx: and :iconbeigepaladin: (list will be updated as people offer their skills and are considered)

The entrance period will last from now to September 19th, so come Sept. 20th, we will have our official cast confirmed.

The plotline will be shown via story and each chapter added will be put in this journal, alongside the polls and artwork towards the end.


1. Blaine Coppertune  Addoted O.C. by SrgntDrew Blaine

2.Soft shaded Commission:Atsuko by EymBee Atsuko Uniform and Regular Wear by CarotahAtsuko

3.Commission - Vernice by Grim-Kun Commission: Vernice by KaitsuCH3 Vernice

4. Commission #28 by KaitsuCH3  Officer Joan Reese

5. Future Lore - Chi by Dragon-FangX Chi

6. Pana: Criminal Consultant by panahinuva Pana

7. Elise's new dress by Icyshadowlord Elise

8. Kimerald 'Kim' Grayson by IndieBlueshipper Kim

9. Kitsune by Doom7951 Jonathan


World Wave: PreludeIn a universe very different from our own, there was a world. In a world was much like our own, though it lacked for human life native to itself, as well as wild animals.
Plants grew, covering the world in green and ingraining themselves in the fertile brown soil. In the sky above clouds floated idly by over both land and sea. It was there that nature progressed, unabated and unhindered for many thousands of years. No one lived on the world, though it would sometimes have visitors.
These visitors were beings of great powers, watchers with a sworn duty related to the nameless planet. On one day, a certain few found themselves called to that world, by a woman calling herself Beyond.
During that calling, Beyond floated atop a mountain peak where a temple had been set, even before the planet was more than a year old.  She watched as seven spots appeared on a circle engraved in the flat surface that the mountain had near the temple, with six spots on the outside of the circle and one i

World Wave: Prelude IIAfter a wait, the appointed day finally came, and Beyond had found her contestants. The spacious being found herself near the Temple, starting to summon them. Within, the New Ancients and Gaea were watching, knowing she needed absolute concentration in order to get her job done.
“She’s even more intense than usual.” Gaea commented, worry evident on her face. “Are you guys sure she’ll be fine?”
“With her, no one is ever sure. We just kinda go with it and hope for the best.” Aeolus replied before swooning. She was starting to be taken by a flight of fancy. “Still, I hope we can see some of these entrants soon. I bet we get a bunch of really tough macho men.”
“Heh, I’m hoping for babes. Feisty, sexy with killer moves and killer looks.” Mobius laughed impishly, his fingers crossed. Neuro rolled his eyes.
“You two are utter children.” he chastised. Mobius merely rolled his eyes.
“Not all of us ca

World Wave: Prelude III
Towards the beachside of the world, a teenager with dark blue hair stood, her body covered in a ragged gray cloak as she walked forward through the sand. She could hardly feel her footsteps, or even the heat of the sun. Unlike the others she had not felt a tiredness overcome her, nor anything else. Instead she felt her whole being pulled far away.
‘What an odd place.’ she thought as she wandered on, though she could also tell it was also high in spiritual energy. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be stable.
As the short cerulean haired woman continued, she heard the sound of wings. Turning, she looked up to see another woman with blue hair, though hers was longer and a lighter shade, she also had angelic wings and a halo.
‘An angel?!’
At the same time, the radiant being in the black and burgundy outfit glided down, landing gracefully. It was then that the girl noted her height, being taller than herself as well as the size of her bountiful bosom, contrasting the gra


Son of the Writing Hand
United States


World Wave Tournament Round 1 Match 4: Pana vs. Blaine! 

21 deviants said Pana Pana: Criminal Consultant by panahinuva
21 deviants said Blaine Blaine Coppertune  Addoted O.C. by SrgntDrew


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AnomalousAntarctican Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
did you happen to download that inflation sequence with biba and one of your characters? I think max removed it.....
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I did. Max still has it up though.
AlexanderSie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have open commissions if you want one from me
Benji-Blacksky Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
AlexanderSie Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Np take your time if you like to
Benji-Blacksky Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014
Will do!
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Arturbs Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student
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Welcomes. your art of Double was very impressive. I'll have to see more of your stuff
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So... how do I commission a story or chapter?
Benji-Blacksky Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Send me a note telling me what you'd like. After that I give a price and you can pay it via paypal
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